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  • This notes book is the perfect choice for your travel notes. It belongs to the Country collection and is made in smooth, hammered calfskin. This collection is dedicated to a sophisticated and lively Clientele, who love style and elegance both at work and in their active social and sport life.

    € 120,00
  • Log-book for sailing lovers to write down: -controls on departures and arrivals -navigation details (date, skipper, second mate, crew, miles, timing) and also boat point, route, knots, engine, sails, wind,sea, visibility and pressure -turns -bulletin broadcast -guests on board -travel notes -damages and repairs -best memories

    € 25,00
  • Cellar book with hard cover to write down all the characteristics of wines and tasting notes: -denomination -minimum aging -producer -production year and area -breed of wine -alcoholic volume -best vintage -visual,olfactory testing and taste -optimal temperature -suggested year -bottle bought and price

    € 25,00
  • Note book for those who love theatre to write down shows, ballets, prose and concerts: -title -author -date -director -costume designer -actors and roles -troupe -theatre -impressions and comments

    € 25,00
  • The signature book is suitable in every occasion, such as weddings, holy communions, confirmations or baptisms. It can be found at restaurants, museums or exhibitions for guests to write comments. It is useful also to note memories or the participations at events.

    € 25,00
  • A soft textile cover minimizes the environmental footprint of Boston Notebooks. Made of watermarked white paper, Pineider Notebooks are fountain pen friendly. A Pineider-green bookmark and a flat pocket are conveniently at hand.

    € 28,00