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  • The Ouverture box is an elegant gift box containing Pineider 104 watermarked paper and Pineider 340 watermarked cards in white or ivory colour.

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  • The 2-handle document bag - slim is made in vegetable slow tanned and drummed calfskin leather, faithfully following the ancient Tuscan method. Thanks to the very few metal parts the bag has a very light weight and essential design and you can have your labtop or documents inside.

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  • Passport holder from genuine Italian leather tanned with vegetable extracts, following the most ancient tradition of Tuscany, using tannins of oak and chestnut trees. Power Elegance vegetable tanned leather is sewn with saddle needles.

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  • This Pineider fountain pen is the result of innovative materials and high-end design. It recalls the distinctive signs of Tuscany such as the Guibellin swallow-tailed crenellations and the sinuous skyline of the Tuscan valleys.  It has a silver ring with Pineider engraved on it and a gold nib with P of Pineider engraved on it.  All Pineider writing...

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Pineider craftsmanship


In 1774 Francesco Pineider, in the historical shop in Piazza della Signoria, starts printing on the finest papers coming from all over Europe.

Since then Pineider, following this tradition, guarantees the very high quality standards of its papers and offers classical collections and colourful stationery even for less formal occasions.